We specialise in making the benefit of yoga accessible to everyone. Yoga is the perfect practice for developing healthy bodies and healthy minds and can be adapted to benefit your specific needs and life-stage, accompanying you through pregnancy, post-natal, through injuries or disabilities.

Pregnancy yoga
One to one sessions, tailored to your trimester and specific needs. Pregnancy yoga maintains fitness, flexibility and strength with particular focus on breathwork for birth, preparing hips, abdominals and pelvic floor, yogic birthing positions and relaxation.

Postnatal yoga
One to one postnatal yoga sessions, which can be tailored to your specific needs. Yoga after pregnancy has many benefits, regaining fitness, realigning and building spinal strength, restoring core strength, restoring hormonal balance and reducing anxiety and depression.

Parent and child yoga
We know it can be difficult for parents to find the time to exercise once their children are past baby stage. So, we provide private yoga sessions where children are welcome. Whether they choose to play or join in with mum or dad, we aim to provide a safe, fun and welcoming space for you to practice some much-needed self-care.

One to one yoga
One to one yoga sessions can be tailored to your specific physical or mental health needs, from injury recovery to adrenal fatigue, depression to anxiety and more. We tailor and develop a practice that suits your needs and fits around your lifestyle.