Massages at the Nurture Hub are available as part of wellbeing packages. Massage perfectly complements yoga, pilates and hypnobirthing, and to take care of your changing body and replenish it after its amazing achievement.

At the Nurture Hub, we specialise in pre- and post-natal massage and baby massage. It’s all we do and consequently we do it well! Our massage techniques and knowledge are tailored to your specific needs at this special time. Our therapist is happy to discuss personalised treatment plans for your pregnancy that includes preferred positions and targets individual problem areas. We can also discuss blending bespoke massage oils. We undertake a full consultation for each client to ensure our massage is safe yet effective.

All massage treatments are offered in your home or at our South Norwood base for the same cost.

Baby massage
Baby massage helps to relax and soothe babies, especially after the adventures of their birth journey, and it is a lovely bonding time that you can continue very easily at home.

Baby massage helps parents to become confident in handling their baby and communicating with baby by touch. You will take away techniques that you may find will help your baby to settle and sleep better (although no promises there!). It can also be used to help soothe digestive discomfort, wind and in some cases teething pain.

We run group sessions, which are small so as not to be overwhelming for baby but are a nice, gentle way for mums and dads to introduce social interaction for baby – and get to speak to other adults themselves!

Prenatal massage
Massage in pregnancy can help a woman relax and supports the body through a period pf Physiological change as well as preparing the body for birth. Specifically massage can help release oxytocin and prolactin as a result of skin stimulation; oxytocin is a crucial hormone to assist the process of labour and prolactin for milk production. Furthermore there is the potential for benefits to the unborn baby as mother’s stress levels can be reduced. We usually offer treatments in side lying positions but chair massage or speciality tables to allow for prone position can be discussed.

Specifically we can also provide treatment to support or potentially provide some relief from;
Lower back pain
Swelling of hands and feet
Sciatic Pain
Relief from breathlessness caused by constriction of the lungs in the thoracic cavity.

As a Hypnobirthing provider we can also offer our clients on the Hypnobirthgin programme a massage that combines our relaxing hypo-scripts during their treatment.

Postnatal massage
Postnatal massage is a great way to ease tired muscles after your birth and recharge you to enjoy those first days with your baby. Postnatal massage encourages the body to release endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer, and oxytocin, which can trigger the let-down reflex and help you on your journey to establishing breastfeeding. You may also be feeling some muscle stress whilst you are finding a good breastfeeding position and we can help to ease that.
We are no stranger to fitting in time with a new-born. If you wish, your baby can lay next to the massage table. If we have to stop for soothing or a feed, we can work around it and consequently we allow 1.5 hours for a post natal massage (although the massage itself still lasts 1 hour, you will not be charged for the extra time; this is simply to accommodate baby).