Active Birth Sessions

Active Birth Sessions

Active Birth Sessions

£70 per session

I am an integrative counsellor and yoga teacher, specialising in perinatal mental health. I run an Active Birth course across two 50-minute sessions to help women and their partners to feel more confident, at ease and empowered about their upcoming birth experience. The course was devised in collaboration Chanelle Thornton, who has an MSC in the Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health, a certificate in humanistic counselling and is KHG qualified to teach hypnobirthing.

The first session is dedicated to exploring your feelings about the birth. We will look at yoga poses, devised to help in the weeks leading up to birth and active birth positions for labour to aid and help support birth. The session can also cover massage techniques for labour, designed to be used by partners.

The second session focuses on hypnobirthing-based relaxation techniques for labour, including breathwork and visualisation.

About Active Birth

Active Birth describes a woman’s choice to move around and adopt different positions in order to ease labour contractions and aid the birth. Active Birth is encouraged by medical professionals where possible because studies show that staying active and upright during labour helps progress and can lessen the time it takes to give birth.

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