De-stress with the Japanese art of forest bathing

De-stress with the Japanese art of forest bathing

The Japanese pastime of forest bathing may have something to offer the stressed out west, according to wellbeing experts.

The ancient Japanese art of shinrin-yoku, (forest bathing) combines mindfulness techniques with the therapeutic powers of the natural environment to reduce stress and is now one of the cornerstones of Japanese healthcare.

Seen as a powerful antidote to the pressures of the modern world, it is currently little known in the UK, with more than a third of the nation unfamiliar with what it is, never mind its purported benefits.

Increasingly, however, experts are highlighting the importance of paying closer attention to mental health as well as physical fitness. Medical experts, fitness experts and alternative health practitioners agree that a closer connection to nature is the key to helping more people to balance their physical and mental wellbeing.

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