What is Integrative Therapy?

What is Integrative Therapy?

There are numerous types of therapy – integrative therapists use a range of techniques – but is the therapy type important?

Counsellor Miriam Christie explores the most vital ingredient in successful therapy: the relationship between therapist and client.

Do a quick Google search of ‘what is integrative therapy?’, and you get a helpful handful of standard explanations. By way of example, Counselling Tutor, says:

“An integrative approach to counselling and psychotherapy involves drawing upon more than one modality. The blending of relevant theory and interventions an approach is formed to suit the needs of the client.”

As an integrative therapist, I do find that a knowledge of and an open-mindedness to different ways of understanding ourselves and to working with others allows me to be flexible and intuitive about finding a therapeutic language that has resonance to people.

The truth is, however, that your experience in therapy with an integrative therapist – and arguably therapists of all discipline – will be different, because the missing piece of this integration is you and them. The alchemy of integrative therapy does not lie in the wealth of theories that enrich the practice, it lies in the relationship.

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